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In the Name of God
Persian tile-work illustrates Iran’s cultural and social alterations and ups and downs like a historical everlasting document. Over centuries, tile workers of this land have composed with their creative hands, thousand-colored tiles like verses of a long poem about rituals and Iranian spirit. In Iranian art and architecture history, tile is a special product made of unique element of soil and the result of coalesce of diverse knowledge, knowledge of material properties, and visual fine arts with sacred rituals, spiritual culture, and treasure of Persian scribe and painting.
Fluctuating but rapid growth of tile and ceramic industry in the past half century, in particular over the last decade, has caught our attention even more toward this precious heritage of work, effort, and creativity and shows well that the industry can shine atop the world summits by relying on its golden past, appropriate use of resources, and attention to the depth of needs of the consumer community.
We and our colleagues are proud of being the manufacturers of such products. Our ancestors lifted up their spirit, tradition, culture, art, science, and technology through making tile. In Naein Tile Products, besides meeting our needs and those of the society, we try to reflect our inner struggle for excellence through work and effort and responding to our social responsibilities. That is why we attempt to accurately understand the market and overcome the limitations of design and technology to create the closest vicinity between our products and customers demands through application of the latest and best equipment and machinery and the best raw materials and be ready for meeting our loyal clients’s needs at any moment by variety and quality of Naein Tile Products.
Excellence and leadership in tile and ceramic market of Iran, the clime of artist people who vitalize the lifeless earthy clay by donating growing divine spirit and calling them tile, is our aspiration and competition with the world’s best producers of tile and ceramic is our honor.
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