Naein Tile Co. History
• History
Naein Tile Industries (PJS) was established after receiving the license issued by the Organization of Industries and Mines of Isfahan on 15 March 2001 to produce various floor and wall tile and ceramic. It was registered on 30 Jan. 2002 under registration No. 220 at the Office of Companies and Industrial Ownership Registration of Naein County as legal personality corporation.
According to the provisions of article 5 of the statute, the main subject of company’s activity is production of tile and floor ceramic, and construction and development of factories related to provision, production, distribution, and sale of tile and ceramic products and dependent and relevant industries.
• Machinery
According to the obtained permit, construction of the plant belonging to Naein Tile Company started in April 2001 in a land with 300,000 m2 area, located at the kilometer 5 of Naein-Isfahan road with 40,000 m2 production and support salons and 1,400 m2 office and services building. At the same time, the machines including 2 sets of continuous ball mills, 4 sets of press machines, 2 sets of kilns, and other necessary equipment and machinery were planned to purchase from Italian Sakmy Company. After completion of production and services buildings and purchase of Iran made machinery, the equipment purchased from Italy were shipped and installed at their designated places. Experimental production was began in 2006 and finally, formal operation, with a capacity of 6 million m2, started on 26 Aug 2006 according to exploitation license issued by the Department of Industries and Mines of Isfahan Province. Since then, company products manufactured in various sizes and designs and according to customers and consumers preferences were shipped to the market, so that in a short time the company was able to present and impose itself as a new, innovator, and leader producer in tile and ceramic industry over other manufacturers and made them to take this new manufacturer as a serious competitor in the market.
• Development Plan
Since the founders had drawn larger and more important targets for the future of the company, in their first step towards achieving a part of these targets including diversification of the products, offering high quality products, and more beautiful design, they obtained a permit for increasing product quantity with new designs and sizes with a capacity of 4 million m2, on 1 March 2008, nearly a year after plant exploitation. In this way, necessary equipment was purchased, such as press machine, kiln, glaze lines, print machines, and supplementary apparatus.

According to the investment volume and mode of machinery purchase and transport in the shortest possible time, complementary construction and machinery purchase were carried out and finally on August 2011, the development project was exploited to produce various tile and ceramic in large sizes (40*80, 60*60, 30*90, 60*90, 15*90, 60*120) and luxury products with a nominal capacity of 3 million m2 per year.
The manufacturing capabilities of the company enabled the production of new products with beautiful and attractive designs, so that today the company is the leader of this industry in Iran and it is also well-known beyond the borders of Iran. New technology, new printing machines, research and laboratory facilities, and modern management are considerable as the main means of progress and development in the competitive market.
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