Company’s Objectives and Policy
Statement of Objectives
According to company policy and management perspective, the goals of Naein Tile Industries have been set as follows:
1. Continuous quality improvement of products.
2. Designing new large tiles which can be manufactured and shaped into marketable sizes.
3. Planning for promoting products packaging quality, especially for new products.
4. Installing filters in kilns to reduce the possible pollutants in order to obtain a green production unit.
5. Reduction of environmental parameters in order to prevent pollutants and to control their environmental impact on production environment.
6. Reduction of production losses in order to economically and optimally use the production inputs, particularly raw materials, energy, and labor.
7. Setting up training courses for employees to acquire practical knowledge and to develop work culture.
These goals will be accomplished through special programs and their effectiveness will be continually measured and evaluated.
Company Policy
Management of Naein Tile Industries believes firmly in continuous improvement of customer satisfaction, preservation of valuable human resources, and emphasizing on intellectual capital and the importance of sustainable development and thus commits itself to observe the standards set out in Quality Management Systems (ISO9001:2008), Environmental Management (ISO14001:2004) and Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSAS18001:2007), and to substantiate the followings:
1. Continuous improvement of processes by setting clear, achievable, and measurable objectives.
2. Developing new products through precisely identifying market needs and increasing customer satisfaction.
3. Following all rules and regulations and legal requirements associated with the quality of work, and environmental and occupational health and safety considerations.
4. Prevention of injuries and diseases through making continuous improvements in occupational health and safety management performance.
5. Prevention of pollutants and reduction of waste and continuous improvement of environmental management performance.
6. Optimal use of existing resources and facilities to improve skills and reduce costs.
The contents of this policy are determined regarding the nature of the processes, activities, and products of the organization and all staff at all levels should be advised to consider these policies in all applications. The attainment level of these policies is continually supervised and will be revised annually.
August 2012
Managing Director
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